• The Head teacher has achieved Local Leader of Education status working with other schools to support their development.
  • Katherine Page-Howie represents Oxfordshire Primary Schools on the Schools Strategic Partnership Board – a board which works together to develop all aspects of education across all years –
  • The school is part of a network of state schools in Henley called the Henley Schools Partnership. The Headteachers share practice, support one another and commission training to improve teaching as well as services such as school counsellors and Educational Psychologists.
  • The school merged with Shiplake Village Nursery in April 18. The Governors and Headteacher now lead the Nursery to give parents high quality education from 2 years until 11. Children at the nursery visit school weekly in their final year.
  • There’s an active PTFA.
  • We’ve an engaged, skilled Governing Body who work behind the scenes to ensure the school runs as effectively, efficiently and smoothly as possible.
  • Mental health is key in our school – children support each other through the buddy scheme as soon as children arrive they have a year 6 Buddy who steers and supports them through their first year in school. We have designated areas in the school where children can be calm and quiet.
  • The school holds an All Together Gold School Award– having been awarded a Gold award for the work on anti-bullying and developing the well being of pupils,  through the anti-bullying alliance.
  • We are lucky enough to have a PE Teacher from Shiplake College who teaches group sports for 2 afternoons a week. It helps the school and it helps the teacher gain relevant primary experience.
  • Pupil Power is at the forefront of our school. We’ve an active School Parliament and Eco Council, Anti Bullying Ambassadors and Sports Ambassadors. All hold invaluable roles in the school and makes sure children’s voices are listened to and encouraged. Our School Parliament and Eco Councillors meet with our Governing Body at least once a year to update them on the initiatives they have been working on and to ensure their vision is realised.
We love our school, you will too!