Reception Class Newsletter - Summer Term 2017

Useful information from Mrs McKay and the Reception Class team!

Reception Class Newsletter – Summer Term 2017

Welcome back. We hope you had a happy and relaxing Easter break.

Our topic this term is mini-beasts. We have loved meeting the new mini-beasts that have entered our classroom since Monday and we look forward to having ALL of these in by Friday! Over the course of the next 5 weeks we will become experts in the field of mini-beasts exploring habitats, diet and lifecycles. We will spend lots of time outside exploring these creepy crawlies and also time observing the tadpoles that we have in the classroom. The children’s learning will culminate in an Ugly Bug Ball in Shiplake Woods (more details to follow).

Things you need to know this term… 


It is really important that you continue to read with your child on a regular basis, ideally every day. We would also encourage parents to please comment in your child’s reading journal, to acknowledge that they have read the book. Books will continue to be changed three times a week, however we will not change books if there is no acknowledgement that the book has been read. Please also continue to work with your child’s sound cards and blending lists.

If you are currently reading with the children in class and can’t commit this term, please let me know as I have a waiting list!


Letter formation continues to be a big focus for ALL the children in Reception this term.

What we are learning about this term…


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

As always we will begin the term by recapping on the School Ethos and the expectations in the classroom. We will be reading ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’ and discussing how we can deal with different emotions. We will also be reading a book called ‘Friendly Day’ and talking about what we can do to ensure our classroom is always a happy one! Next half term we will focus on transitions and change in order to get the children ready for Year One!

Physical Development

The children will have regular access to obstacle equipment, bikes, balls and other sports equipment across the term – allowing them the time and space to experiment with different ways of moving and learning to show control over an object. We will also continue to provide lots of fine motor activities to encourage the children to develop the strength in their fingers, required to form recognisable letters. The children will be encouraged to practice forming their letters daily.

The children in Reception will continue to have designated PE sessions (Tuesday and Friday mornings). This term we will focus on gymnastics and rounders.

Please remember that your child needs a pair of trainers in their locker as we hope to carry out one of these lessons in the playground.

Communication and Language

This term all the children will continue to be given daily opportunities to listen to one another and share information about themselves and their experiences at home and at school. They will also be given opportunities to listen and join in with a variety of stories, songs and rhymes.  We will be doing lots of exploring in the outside area and sharing what we have discovered. Our role play area in the classroom has been transformed into a ‘mini-beast investigation den’ to encourage the children to find out more about the creepy crawlies that they find.


The reading focus this term will be on information texts as a way of discovering about the world around us. The children will be exposed to a range of high quality information texts. They will be encouraged to apply their reading skills to text written in the outside area, instructions for planting seeds for example.

This term in Phonics the children will continue to work on Phase 4 Letters and Sounds and start to explore Phase 5. This new phase offers a chance to look at alternative spellings, for example the ‘ai’ sound in rain, compared to the ‘ay’ in day.

We will be focusing on blending, segmenting and applying all these sounds in our writing. We will be enjoying writing for a variety of different purposed such as labelling mini-beasts, recording facts about them, making our own non-fiction books and writing instructions on how to look after mini-beasts.


In Mathematics we will continue to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction and the strategies to solve these problems.  We will also be learning about doubling, halving and sharing. The way we approach Maths in the Early Years is to make sure that it is set within a context that is real! For example when learning about worms in a couple of weeks time, we will be encouraging the children to use everyday language related to length such as long, short, longer than, shorter than etc.

Understanding of the World

Each week we will be exploring different habitats and watching and carefully recording what happens to our tadpoles. We will be spending lots of time in the outside area, planting seeds, weeding, digging and most importantly searching for the little creatures that live there. We will all be growing our own cress seeds and grass seeds and observing what happens to these over time.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will be engaged in an exciting creative project this term that will involve using lots of different materials to create their very own mini-beast habitat. For this, each child will need to bring in a shoe box from home. Please bring this is as soon as possible. We will also be manipulating clay to make our own mini-beasts, using tissue paper to create butterflies and exploring printing techniques using natural materials from the outside area.

 We look forward to another successful term in Reception!


Thank you from the Reception Team.

Mrs McKay

Mrs Marshall & Mrs Villa

Mrs Boughey & Miss Smith

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