Reception Class Newsletter - Summer Term (2) 2017

Reception Class Newsletter – Summer Term (2) 2017

Dear Parents/carers,

Welcome back. We hope you had a happy and relaxing half term break.

Our topic this term is the Big Wide World.

Bruno has been on a round the world trip during the last 2 months and he is now home. He is full of facts about the world which he would like to share with us! He will first tell us all about his favourite animal – penguins – and their habitats. We will then move onto the Amazon Rainforest.  We will be travel with him through the Amazon on a boat and talk about what we stumble across. We will then move onto exploring Farms in time for our trip to Bucklebury. We will explore farm animals as well as the job of a farmer and we might even get a chance to bake bread. We will then head to Africa and will focus on animals that we might find on a safari trip. We will end the term by jumping on board a submarine and heading under the sea!

We will also explore healthy and unhealthy food, focus on the transition to Year One and continue with our daily Phonics and Maths sessions.


Things you need to know this term… 


It is really important that you continue to read with your child on a regular basis, ideally every day. We would also encourage parents to please comment in your child’s reading journal, to acknowledge that they have read the book. Books will continue to be changed three times a week, however we will not change books if there is no acknowledgement that the book has been read. Please also continue to work with your child’s sound cards and blending lists.



Letter formation continues to be a big focus for ALL the children in Reception this term.



The children in Reception will continue to have designated PE sessions (Tuesday and Friday mornings). This term we will focus on rounders and athletics.

Please remember that your child needs a pair of trainers in their locker as we hope to carry out both of these lessons in the playground.


We look forward to another successful term in Reception!


Thank you from the Reception Team.










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