Year 2

Our teacher is Miss Boucher

Our teacher is Miss Boucher. In year 2 we get up to all sorts of fun! Here are just a few of our favourite things.

We are designing and sewing hand puppets, toy cars, and delicious edible treats in Design and Technology.   Our topics this year include:

  • Exploring The World
  • Africa
  • The Great Fire of London
  • Inventors

We like to change our role play area to suit our learning, at the moment it’s a ship to travel the world, but it might turn into an African Desert, a Christmas scene or an inventor’s work house later this year.  We love learning about numbers in Year 2 and we practise every day!   We also aspire to be writers, creating stories from our imaginations, writing letters to important people and thinking up clever riddles to trick you!

Letters and Information