Pupil Premium Spending

Pupil Premium Expenditure Plan for Academic year 2016-2017

The Pupil Premium funding for 2016/2017 is £16,840.

The provision of a qualified Teacher to work with children who are entitled to Pupil Premium for one day per week during the previous academic year, has proved to be an effective way to give these children the opportunity to advance and grow fully as individuals and tailor the support to suit their individual needs.

School Leaders and Governors have agreed to increase this provision to two days per week for the school year 2016-2017.

This will allow the teacher to timetable additional sessions each specifically focusing on the individual needs of the children involved and moreover allowing time for weekly individual writing conferences to take place for these children in addition to sessions within their own classes.

Student motivation and participation has improved over the year and nurturing this moving forward is clearly a priority for these children. Further allocation of sessions with the School Counsellor will be made available to continue pupil wellbeing and emotional support. After-school activities will be offered to eligible children free of charge to promote participation.

The cost of these interventions and initiatives exceeds the amount received in Pupil Premium funding, however the school remains committed to giving the children the best possible start that it is able to.

This report explains our expenditure plan in detail:  Pupil Premium Report 2016