Pupil Premium Spending

Pupil Premium Expenditure Plan for Academic year 2018-2019

The Pupil Premium funding for 2018/2019 is £11,540.


Since receiving the Pupil Premium (PP) allocation, the school has been fully committed to ensure the money received is spent on developing and supporting the children’s learning and emotional needs, to accelerate their progress and close any gap between them and their peers.  Each child eligible for PP has a provision map, with the support and intervention groups they take part in, monitored and assessed.  We have case studies written so their journey can be tracked.  Outlining changes in attitudes and confidence especially is so important, as in previous years it was necessary to do a lot of work on developing confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude in order for these children to develop their independence when learning.  Progress with this, although difficult to demonstrate in school data, is key and its impact wide, as lack of confidence was proving to be a significant barrier to learning.

We ring-fence the PP funding to ensure that it benefits all eligible pupils.  There is a designated member of the Senior Leadership Team responsible for overseeing all spending, which is based on data analysis and class teacher knowledge of the pupils involved.  A member of the governing body is a link governor for PP and the PP update is a standing item at all Full Governing Body, Performance and Standards and Resource Committee governing body meetings.  All staff are aware of who the children are who are eligible for the funding, and meet regularly with the SENDCo to discuss progress and attainment.  Money is used to benefit all eligible children and supports higher and lower ability children by extending provision and training staff in the latest developments within child development.

Student motivation and participation has improved over the year and nurturing this moving forward is clearly a priority for these children. Further allocation of sessions with the School Counsellor will be made available to continue pupil well-being and emotional support. After-school activities will be offered to eligible children free of charge to promote participation.

The cost of these interventions and initiatives exceeds the amount received in Pupil Premium funding, however the school remains committed to giving the children the best possible start that it is able to.

This report explains our expenditure plan in detail:  Pupil Premium Expenditure Plan 2018-2019